• Laxmi Puja

    GajaLaxmi Puja in Dhenkanal enjoys a special place in the cultural map of Odisha. Every year this festival begins from KUMAR PURNIMA and continues for eleven days.

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  • Joranda Mahimagadi

    The founder of Mahima Dharma was the one and only Mahima Swami or Mahima Gosain.For many years Mahima Gosain was in deep meditation in the caves

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  • Eminent People

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Dhenkanal District is Occupying a Central position in the Geo-Political map of Odisha. It lies between 85°58' E to 86°2' E longitude and between 20°29' N 21°11' N latitude. It has a total area of 4452 Sq Kms. A population of 11,92,948 lives in this District. It is the District which touches the boundary of Keonjhar in the North, Jajpur in the East, Cuttack in the South and Angul in the West. The climate condition of the district is generally hot with high humidity during April and May and cold during December and January. The monsoon generally breaks during the month of June.